Website Development and Design

Website Development and DesignCarmik Design provides website development and design that will get your small business noticed.

Our preferred content management system (CMS) for developing and designing websites is WordPress.  WordPress is the most widely-used CMS  because it is dependable and highly customizable.

Do you need interactive forms? A password protected area? A storefront?

We can take care of all of that (and more) for you.

Branding for Your Small Business

Before we even begin developing and designing your website you’ll need to make sure you have a few things in place.

Small Business Branding Carmik DesignHave you considered all aspects of branding for your business?

Do you have a logo? A tag line? A mission statement? Do you have a color palette associated with your business (think UPS brown, Starbucks green, etc.)

If you don’t already have these things you will need them in order to create an effective website.

A website is only as successful as the branding and marketing behind it.

Carmik Design can help with all of this. To learn more, visit our Small Business Consulting Services page.

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing

In addition to creating a responsive, user-friendly design for your website, we will provide the functionality you require, and optimize your website so it will show up in the top of the search engine results page (SERP).  That said, showing up in the top results isn’t just about a properly optimized website.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Carmik DesignA properly optimized website is definitely important; but a bigger chunk of whether or not you show up on the SERP (search engine results page) has to do with your social media presence.

This piece is often overlooked and largely misunderstood by web developers so even if you have an amazing website, you may never show up in the top results if you are inactive and/or ineffective on social media or if you have no social media presence at all.

SEOing a website is not just a once and done, either. Search engine algorithms are ever-changing. It is imperative to keep up with the latest changes and make sure the search engine optimization strategy for your website is still working, making adjustments as necessary. Carmik Design can do this for you as part of our SEO maintenance program.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that having a successful web presence is more than just having an amazing website.

It is about keyword optimizing your website for maximum search engine effectiveness.

It is about knowing your audience and keeping up with the latest trends, making changes to the website design and functionality and SEO strategy as needed.

It is about having an active and consistent presence on multiple social media channels.

It is about effective branding.  Are you sure your logo is effective? Is your tag line easy to remember and does it make sense? Are your colors effectively portraying what you want them to?

All of these things are intertwined and having one piece of the puzzle without the pieces is a surefire way to fail.

Carmik Design is skilled at building responsive, user-friendly websites but we also understand the ins and outs of marketing in the digital age and can incorporate effective search engine optimization (SEO) and help you create an effective social media marketing (SMM) strategy.

In addition to website creation and search engine optimization (SEO), our Small Business Consulting Services can help you get a handle on what is needed (both online and offline) in order for your small business to grow and succeed.

We can help you with everything from effective logos, tag lines, mission statements, optimized websites, social media marketing, and other marketing strategies appropriate for your business.

Contact us today!