Carla Porschet Carmik DesignCarmik Design is a small business dedicated to helping other small businesses succeed in a world filled with big businesses and corporate conglomerates.

Carmik Design is owned by Carla Porschet.  As a small business owner, she understands the importance of being able to compete with larger businesses without breaking the bank.

Carla has 30+ years of IT experience and has designed and developed many websites over the years.  She is skilled in WordPress installation, administration, and customization- her preferred content management system (CMS).

In addition to her many years of IT experience, she holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing from Colorado Technical University and is well-versed in all aspects of marketing including branding, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

As mentioned on other pages of this site, it is difficult to find a web designer, developer, and marketer all in one.  Most designers and developers don’t really understand the importance of search engine optimization and how to incorporate it into the website; and most marketers have no idea how to design or develop a website.

Carmik Design will design, develop, and optimize your website all in one fell swoop- incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) at the ground-level.  It is much more difficult to optimize an existing website than it is to optimize a website as it is being created.

Carmik Design can also help you with all of your small business marketing needs, not just SEO.  It is important to have a strategic marketing plan that incorporates online and offline marketing aspects in order for your small business to succeed.

We want to help you succeed!

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